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Whoever can't
buy happiness, forgot
little puppies.
                     ...Gene Hill

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Taking Deposits for:
Havanna Hoffung-Voll x Batu von Burgenstadt
Puppies born March 21st, 2014
(Only five females left!)

Click here to learn more about this litter.

Belle von der Suden x Saber Vom Haus Milesevac
Puppies born February 24th, 2014

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We recommend starting your puppy on a training program. With a purchase of a puppy, we will provide professional training with 2 free lessons at the K-9 Training Center, located in Tupelo, MS.

Old Southern Kennels is dedicated to producing the very best quality German Shepherd puppies. Our puppies are bred from German imported VA and V rated, Schutzhund trained, German Shepherd dogs. Listed below is a high-level overview of the bloodlines of the German shepherd puppies we have available for sale.
* VA1 Ursus von Batu, SCHH3 Kkl 1
* VA1 Connie vom Farbenspiel, SCHH3 Kkl 1
* 2X VA1 Yasko von Farbenspiel, SCHH3 Kkl 1
* V Urk von Weinerau, SCHH3
* V Percyna vom Fredeback, SCHH2 Kkl 1
* VA1 Ulk von Arlett, SCHH3 Kkl 1
Ursus von Batu is the #1 producing male in German history.

Old Southern Kennels German Shepherds is the combination of two well known German Shepherd kennels. Holland German Shepherds, formerly of Virginia, and the German Shepherd puppy division of K-9 Training Center, located in Tupelo, MS. Both kennels have long-term relationships with several kennels in Europe.

Old Southern Kennels German Shepherd puppies know the love and care of a family environment. Grandchildren especially love to play with these wonderful puppies. The puppies are exposed to various sights and sounds of family members. They are also exposed to a variety of animals: other dogs, cats, cows, horses, ducks, geese, etc. Your precious German Shepherd puppy will be ready to fit into its new home.

*All puppies and dogs are shipped out of Memphis International Airport. Call us for details at 662-401-9876.

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