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There is no psychiatrist
in the world like a puppy
licking your face."
         --Bern Williamsbuy

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Gary Dodds is a master trainer with over 25 years experience in working with and training K-9s.

  • Trained under Jack Robichaux and Leroy Azlin in Louisiana for 5 years
  • Trained under Ken Licklider in Indiana for 12 years
  • Served as head of K-9s for the Lee County Sheriff's Department for 12 years
  • Trained K-9s that serve the Armed Forces, Pentagon, U.S. Treasury Department, Department of Defense, and various police and sheriff departments across the U.S.
  • Helped train and manage 18 K-9 teams deployed in Iraq for Dyncorp International
  • Set up a K-9 division for the Iraqi Police in Baghdad, Iraq

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Mac and Conna Montgomery: German Shepherds Anna, Belle, Havana, Jolly, Natasha, Zoe and Saber live with us on our farm in Mississippi. The "girls" and Saber are around cows, ducks, Canadian geese, Egyptian geese and one big white goose. Sometimes the geese and ducks like to eat right along side the shepherds. Our four grandchildren like to help feed the "big dogs". They also really love to feed and play with the puppies. So every puppy going to their forever home has been "grandchild approved".

Old Southern Kennels Farm: Here are some pictures of our farm in Mississippi. Click on the picture to view it in larger detail.
Daisy by lake at Old Southern Kennels farm. Old Southern Kennels farm pic 2 Old Southern Kennels farm pic 3
Old Southern Kennels farm pic 4 Old Southern Kennels farm pic 5 Daisy in the field at Old Southern Kennels farm